A facility is not the mission. But a facility will help us facilitate the mission of connecting people to Jesus for life change.

Will you join with us in doing whatever it takes to reach our city?

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How We Got Here


Southbridge Fellowship launched at the Brier Creek Movie Theater.


Attendance began to outgrow the movie theater. The Bridge Initiative (TBI) began and we prayed that God would provide land, lease or a building.


In 2012, we purchased a 10-acre property off Glenwood Avenue with funds from The Bridge Initiative. We launched a new campaign called Whatever It Takes to build a permanent facility on the Glenwood Avenue property.


After facing several delays with the property development, we received notice from the NC-DOT that the government would be performing a protective purchase of our Glenwood property. This means the government will purchase our land to use for road development. We continue to trust God and follow His leading for a future permanent facility.

We long for the Raleigh-Durham area to become a city on a hill that shines the light of the gospel into the world.

Imagine a church pursuing this vision with a willingness to do whatever it takes to see this become a reality. Over the past eight years, we have seen thousands of people move within a few miles of Southbridge Fellowship; many of whom most likely do not know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. During the same time at our church, we have seen hundreds of people influenced by the gospel of Jesus Christ: families and marriages restored, addictions broken, surrendered lives unto global evangelism and people coming to faith in Christ. Our desire is to build on that legacy with an urgency demanded by the eternal consequences that are awaiting those that do not have this freedom that can only be found in Christ.

Facility FAQs


Why do we need a building?


By God’s grace we’ve been able to grow and reach many people on a weekly basis. However, we have outgrown our current facilities and need to provide for the growth in our family ministries, small groups and Sunday morning services. In addition, portable locations limit our capacity for expanding ministries and pursuing new opportunities. But more than that, there are still people in our city that need to be connected to Jesus for life change and we hope to provide a facility where that can happen.



Are donations tax deductible?


Yes. A tax receipt will be issued for all donations at the end of each calendar year.


Should I re-direct my regular giving to the building?


Our current giving (tithes and offerings) are used to fund the ministries of Southbridge. In order to sustain these ministries, we ask that contributions to the facility be above and beyond your regular giving.


How do I give?


You can give online or using one of the giving envelopes on Sunday morning.